Ardexus enjoys a very strong partnership with SalesWays. Our industry-leading Lotus Notes-based CRM solution, Ardexus MODE, and our fully web-based CRM solution, Ardexus WebMODE, both offer SalesWays's patented OPM Sales Methodology. This sales methodology has been refined for over a decade and tested in thousands of sales opportunities in a host of different markets.

Dr. Keith Thompson’s book Sales Automation Done Right, introduces this sales methodology and builds a framework of techniques for organizations taking their first step towards leveraging technology for competitive advantage in sales.

SaleWays offers unique Opportunity Portfolio Management (OPM) sales training courses, based on SalesWays methodology. OPM Training can help familiarize salespeople with the parameters that define the Sales Environment and the vital aspect of sales strategy as sales opportunities move along through the sales cycle.

SalesWays is the publisher of Sales Cycle Manager On Demand, an innovative and powerful sales opportunity management web application, as well as a line of Sales Cycle Manager sales software products for Lotus Notes ®Microsoft Windows ®AppExchange and Microsoft Excel ®.

This line of sales software tools is designed to help companies improve results by building the proven OPM Sales Methodology into everyday use. SalesWays offers no obligation, free trials on many of their Sales Cycle Manager software tools.

Learn more about SalesWays Opportunity Management Software and the OPM Sales Methodology at

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