CRM that Works with You

Ardexus Webmode 4 is ready to build your ideal CRM solution.

Ardexus works with you to understand your business in order to create a solution that fit the way your sales team work – that’s the way CRM should be.

Help your team achieve greater sales efficiency and effectiveness with Ardexus WebMode 4.

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Centralized Customer Information

Ardexus WebMode Home Page

Keep a central database of customer information, and your entire organization has easy and reliable access to the information they need to give customers.

  • Create a default home page for all users to see.
  • Insert the latest Leads and opportunities (IBO’s) to follow up on.
  • Show the latest graphs with future projections for your company.

Real-Time Insights into Your Business

Ardexus WebMode Global Filter

The Global Filter function, exclusive to Ardexus WebMode 4:

  • Provides an up-to-the-minute report on any aspect of your organizational hierarchy.
  • Instantly see what’s happening in any particular territory, business unit, account, or product group.
  • User roles can be set in Global Filter to limit and secure the information available to each user.

Advanced Reporting without the Advanced Effort

Ardexus WebMode Reporter

The new in-house reporting feature on Webmode 4

Makes collecting and analyzing information easy.

With an easy to use panel, select your search conditions and output criteria. With one click, your report will be exported to excel for easy distribution to non-Webmode 4 users.

Ardexus WebMode 4 helps organizations make appropriate business decisions based on up-to-date data.

Whether it’s finding out which of your products are flying off the shelves

  • Gauge the amount of revenue generated based on efforts made
  • See an account manager’s performance.

WebMode 4 can help you take the pulse of your company.


Interactive, Accurate, Reliable Forecasts

Ardexus WebMode Forecast

Generate reliable sales forecasts from the information provided by your sales team. Roll up forecasts across the sales team, or look up sales forecasts across the entire organization.

Interact with the graphs to show what you need, by selecting a month or removing a value from view.

Email Integration & Calendar Synchronization

Ardexus WebMode 4 offers email and calendar integration with:

  • Lotus Notes
  • MS Outlook
  • BlackBerry

Allowing you to easily synchronize important

  • Emails
  • Attachments
  • Appointments
  • Contacts

All within your central customer database in Ardexus WebMode 4.


Integrates with Your ERP System

Ardexus WebMode 4 plugs in to your existing ERP system such as SAP.

Your organization will develop a more streamlined business processes between departments.

Integration is tailored to the client’s specific needs and priorities, taking advantage of the variety of integration methods and tools available.

Quotes and Proposals

Ardexus WebMode Quoting

The powerful quoting module in Ardexus WebMode 4 supports multiple price lists, quoting by currency, to help your sales team quickly and effortlessly generate quotes and proposals.

Fully Web-Based Application

Ardexus WebMode 4 is a fully web-based application, which is administered entirely through a web browser.

WebMode 4 also features full offline capability, so changes can be made offline, and later synchronized back to the server.

Keeping the user in touch all the time.

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