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To maximize your marketing results, you need solid reports built on trustworthy data.

With Ardexus WebMode 4

  • Your marketing team can automate marketing processes
  • Track leads
  • Ensure 100% lead follow-up
  • Determine which marketing events are most successful, allowing your company to focus on its best sources of revenue and success.

Track the Success of Marketing Events

Find out whether your marketing events are ultimately leading your organization to close more deals.

Create marketing plans in WebMode 4 and track every lead and opportunity right through sales and into customer service.

Ardexus WebMode 4 gives you complete visibility into the profitability of each and every customer.

Ardexus WebMode Marketing Plan

Automated Marketing Tracks

Improve marketing efficiency by reaching out to your customers and contacts with automated marketing messages.

Ardexus WebMode 4 helps your marketing team to develop automated marketing campaigns to drive business results while saving time.

  • Create market segments from your customer list based on any number of criteria or custom fields and initiate automated email campaigns.
  • Design drip campaigns with WebMode 4 full-featured email editor, include images and attachments, and set the timing of the campaigns.

Integrate with Your Broadcast Email Tools

Ardexus WebMode 4 integrates with your existing broadcast email tools.
Export contact lists or custom-defined list segments from WebMode for use in your email marketing tool.

Your emails and recipient lists are then recorded as a completed marketing event within WebMode 4 and used to track leads and ROI.

Ardexus WebMode Source Event

Know Where Your Leads Go

Never lose another valuable lead again.

Follow your leads through the entire sales process:

  • Whether it is a newly created lead
  • A qualified lead
  • Or an opportunity(IBO)

Leads can be tracked by criteria such as

  • Account
  • Priority
  • Territory or region

WebMode 4 provides transparency and improves communication between marketing, sales, service and management departments.

Ardexus WebMode Lead Section

Ensure Complete Lead Follow-Up

Follow up with all of your leads.

Leads stored in Ardexus WebMode 4 can easily be tracked, and leads that have not been followed-up can be flagged for review.

These can be flagged on your homepage as Urgent, Normal or Low.

Ardexus WebMode Leads Portal

Target Your Marketing Messages

Your contacts are your goldmine.

To get optimal results from your marketing efforts, you need to reach out to all of the right people at the right time.

With the unique Contact Miner feature, your team can quickly search through all of their contacts for those who meet the criteria you set.

Follow Along with Your Marketing Plan

Stay up to date with your marketing team’s goals, progress and results.

Build complex marketing plans and have the entire campaign management process tracked from one central location.


Manage Leads Through Your Channels

With Ardexus WebMode 4, leads can be automatically routed to manufacturer’s representatives, VARs or sales agents.

Regional sales managers can easily manage their distribution channels using Ardexus WebMode 4.

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