Taking Care of Customers is the Lifeblood of Business

You’ve already won the sale—now keep your momentum with top-notch customer service. Provide faster response to customer service requests, manage your service team by knowing precisely what’s going on, and make contract renewal lapses a thing of the past. Grow your service business with Ardexus MODE.

Complete Customer History

Pull up critical customer information at the click of a button. Track installed products, service requests made and service performed to better understand your customer, how they use your products, and how to improve the kind of service you provide.

Track Your Service Team

Stay in the loop to better manage your team's resources. Synchronize and schedule your service team from within Ardexus MODE CRM. Know where your Service team is, and what they are doing. Track the progress of extended service calls.

Better Service Response Times

Help drive down your team's response time to urgent service calls. Transmit service tickets to service representatives electronically so they can stay on top of service calls.

Service Contract Renewals

Never miss a warranty or service contract renewal again. Automated notices warn you of when warranties and service agreements are about to expire so you can send timely renewals.

Kick-off Billing Workflows

Billing doesn't have to be a chore--go from work log to billing in seconds. Service representatives can log their work and expenses while still on site and billing workflows, inventory and reporting processes are initiated automatically.

Built for Lotus Notes

Ardexus MODE is a native Lotus Notes application, and requires very little in the way of IT resources for adoption into a Lotus Notes environment. Take advantage of the native replication functionality and offline capabilities of Lotus Notes.

Mobile Service Tools

Have all the tools you need, even when out of the office. Your service teams will have up-to-date customer information and the convenience of digital signature capture and MODE for BlackBerry mobile CRM.


Ardexus is ready to build your ideal CRM solution. Unparalleled customization options to fit the way your organization handles its service business. Ardexus CRM solutions are built to fit your needs, and not the other way around.

Multiple Support Zones

Manage different prices for different territories. Configure service and support items at different price points for different customer geographical zones

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