Build a Better Bottom Line

Ardexus MODE arms your sales team with the tools it needs to be more efficient and effective at selling. Featuring central storage of customer information, advanced reporting tools and integration with ERP, your sales team works in lockstep with every facet of your organization, leaving them more time to do what they do best – selling.

CRM that Works with Your Business

Ardexus is ready to help you implement your ideal CRM solution. Ardexus works to understand your business processes in order to configure and/or customize a solution that fits the way your sales team works – that’s the way CRM should be. Help your team achieve greater sales efficiency and effectiveness with Ardexus MODE.

Centralized Customer Information

By keeping a central store of customer information, your entire organization has quick and reliable access to as much information as they need to give your customers the best experience possible. Sharing information between departments and offices can also help to create synergy and efficiency between different parts of your organization.

Advanced Reporting without the Advanced Effort

The Microsoft Excel reporting tools in Ardexus MODE help organizations make more appropriate business decisions on real data. Whether it’s finding out which of your products are flying off the shelves, or trying to better gauge the amount of revenue generated based on efforts made, MODE can help you take the pulse of your company.

More Accurate and Reliable Sales Forecasts

Generate reliable sales forecasts from the information provided by your sales team. Roll up forecasts across the sales team, or look up sales forecasts across the entire organization.

Email Integration & Calendar Synchronization

Ardexus MODE offers email and calendar integration with Lotus Notes, MS Outlook and BlackBerry, allowing you to easily synchronize important emails, attachments, appointments and contacts with your central customer database in Ardexus MODE.

Integrates with Your ERP System

Ardexus MODE plugs in to your existing ERP system to help your organization develop more streamlined business processes between customer-facing front office departments, and the back-office departments that support them. Each integration is tailored to the client’s specific needs and priorities, taking advantage of the variety of integration methods and tools that are available.

Quotes and Proposals

The powerful quoting module in Ardexus MODE supports multiple price lists, quoting by currency, and features a proposal configurator to help your sales team quickly and effortlessly generate quotes and proposals.

Keeping your Data Clean

Contact management tools are a breeding ground for disorganization and duplicated information. Ardexus MODE features duplicate checking, which eliminates repeated customer information, making it easier to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Built for Lotus Notes

Ardexus MODE is a native Lotus Notes application, and requires very little in the way of IT resources for adoption into a Lotus Notes environment. Take advantage of the native replication functionality and offline capabilities of Lotus Notes.

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