Ardexus debuts the Next Generation of Web-based CRM Software on the IBM Lotus Domino Platform


Ardexus WebMode 4 represents real innovation in CRM Software on IBM Lotus Domino


Toronto, ON, December 7, 2011 – Ardexus Inc. has released their latest CRM software, WebMode 4, a web-based application that revolutionizes CRM software design on the IBM/Lotus platform.

Ardexus WebMode 4 introduces a dramatic new interface for CRM software, combining much sought after ease of use with powerful functionality.

"Ardexus has been building CRM applications for over 15 years, and WebMode 4 represents our collective knowledge and experience bundled into a very simple, yet powerful interface", said Chris Hamoen, CEO, Ardexus Inc, "This release really demonstrates how smart design can help customers achieve CRM success by making it easy for the end user."

Highlights include:

About Ardexus Inc.

Ardexus provides front office solutions that revolutionize the way small to mid-sized companies do business. Ametek, ISM, Bayer BTS, and Mitel Networks Corporation all agree - Ardexus is an innovative company with outstanding products.

Ardexus offers a full range of sales-centric software, including Ardexus MODE® - a professional suite of marketing, sales, customer service and mobile CRM modules, and WebMode, an innovative Web browser-based CRM application offering full Lotus Notes®, MS Outlook®, Blackberry® and ERP integrations.

Ardexus is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For additional information on Ardexus or their products, visit or call toll free in N. America: 1-888-Ardexus (1-888-273-3987).