Timberline Industries Selects Ardexus MODE

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Mississauga, ON, April 20, 2001 - Timberline Industries, a major supplier of steel and plastic products in the Rocky Mountain region, has selected and implemented Ardexus MODE for its diverse customer relationship management needs. Comprised of four companies with differing marketing, sales, and service channels, Timberline selected MODE for its powerful and versatile sales-centric CRM capabilities.

Dan McCallin, President of Timberline, commented that "We wanted our combined inside and outside sales organizations to become more effective and more integrated while allowing our field sales reps to focus on selling opportunities. The sales methodology of TASC and the marketing features of FIND were the only tools that fit our needs and achieved these goals. It made the decision easy.

The MODE suite of marketing, sales, and service automation, is designed to serve the broad needs of the small and mid-market business. MODE has been selected each of the last two years as the best CRM solution in its class


Ardexus TASC v2.2 Now Shipping

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Mississauga, ON, March 01, 2001- Ardexus Corporation today announced the release of TASC v2.2, an upgraded version of their award-winning SFA software. Continuing in a trend of innovation, this new release includes more breakthrough features and methodology enhancements designed to help mid-market customers sell more.

The latest TASC upgrade demonstrates our commitment to being trailblazers in the sales force automation industry, " said Ardexus CEO Keith Thompson. "We're continuing to address the needs of the vast middle market by delivering a unique product at an affordable price," he added.

A major new feature is the addition of "Relationship Interactions" - intended to help businesses who spend time managing accounts organize and group their interactions in a more logical sense.


Ardexus Receives CRM Honours for 2nd Straight Year

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Mississauga, ON, February 08, 2001- Ardexus TASC has been named "Best Notes Based CRM Solution" by The Denali Group in this year's Willy Awards, for the second year in a row. The Willy Awards celebrate the best and most innovative products to hit the CRM market in the past year.

Unlike traditional sales automation and contact manager offerings, TASC provides sales teams with a four-pronged method of tracking and pursuing sales opportunities - categorizing information by Territory, Account, Sales Cycle, and Contact. The product also includes a unique mechanism called "Intelligent Response" which compares the salesperson's progress with an ideal model of the sale, and suggests appropriate actions to help close the sale.

There are too many sales automation products that just mimic what the competition is doing," said Rich Bohn, President of The Denali Group. "What impresses me about TASC is the way it goes above and beyond the basic specification set with features like Intelligent Response. This is a very impressive capability for a young company like Ardexus.

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