Mitel Upgrades from to WebMode and Wins

Ardexus Case Study: Mitel Networks Corporation

Ardexus Case Study: Mitel upgrades from to WebMODE and winsMitel is a software company focused on enterprise communications technology. Mitel’s wide communications portfolio includes everything from basic business communications to sophisticated unified communications systems, services and infrastructure. Operating from over 100 locations in over 90 countries, Mitel boasts a network of over 1,500 value-added re-sellers and partners.

In 2007, Mitel purchased and merged with Inter-Tel Incorporated, a company of 2,000 employees including 500 users of’s web-based customer relationship management (CRM) subscription service. The merger of Mitel and Inter-Tel required the successful integration of Mitel’s existing infrastructure with Inter-Tel’s CRM needs.

It was determined that the in-house CRM tool being used by Mitel was not suitable for expansion to Inter-Tel’s personnel. As a technology-based company, Mitel possessed extensive internal knowledge of a variety of software programs and their corresponding architecture. They began searching for a commercial application that could be modified with their own internal resources. Given that Mitel is an IBM Business Partner and uses Lotus Notes, it was determined that a commercial CRM application built on the IBM Lotus Domino platform would be ideal.

Mitel chose Ardexus WebMode due to the technological fit as well as the overall usability of this web-based CRM application. Ardexus worked in a partnership role with Mitel to help Mitel achieve a customized implementation that suited the company’s needs and ensured a thorough implementation process.

The Lotus Domino infrastructure that Mitel possessed at the time of the merger with Inter-Tel posed a technological challenge. The Inter-Tel data set included 1.4 million records, with over 250,000 customer accounts. Mitel had been using Lotus Domino v7.0.1, which showed significant performance bottlenecks with a concurrent user load of 200. The potential concurrent user activity of 500 active users against a large database represented performance challenges for the Lotus Domino server and its expected new user load with regards to I/O performance, indexing load and concurrent agent execution.

By upgrading to Lotus Domino v8.5, Mitel was able to achieve a performance capacity with the Ardexus WebMode browser-based CRM tool that far exceeded their expected user count. Lotus Domino v8.5’s improved HTTP stack and I/O performance provided significant increases in scalability and application performance. Tests on Domino v8.5 with over 1 million database records and 2,000 concurrent users showed that Ardexus WebMode is more than capable of serving a large company with an extensive amount of customer data.

Overall, Mitel was able to gain significant cost-savings, and established a fully-integrated, company-wide system for tracking customer sales and marketing information, contact management, lead tracking, ERP integration and reporting. WebMode is being rolled-out globally, with 200 users being added in the UK in June 2010.

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