Instructor-Led CRM Training

Ardexus offers instructor-led courses that can be chosen from our course calendar or customized to fit your company’s needs. We can deliver classes to a variety of group sizes and are flexible enough to reach all of your users. Each class will be conducted by experienced Ardexus trainers. Our classes ensure that users learn all the key aspects of your chosen CRM package implementation. Content in each class is targeted to specific groups of users, ensuring that they are only participating in classes that are relevant to their needs.

Classes are led by instructors trained in adult education, and provide learners with a solid foundation in the principles of CRM. Participants will receive practical training skills, techniques, and strategies that are directly applicable to their workplace environment. Our classes have been designed to accommodate the specific learning needs and various learning of your organization’s body of users. The instructor-led training sessions are interactive, learner-centric and the program is rooted in sound adult learning principles.

At the conclusion of each course, users will demonstrate that their grasp of the material meets the standards outlined in the course objectives. All results from the evaluation will be summarized, presented graphically and made available to you.

Ardexus is committed to providing you with the training you require. Your learners will be armed with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively operate your investment into CRM.

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