Our History

Ardexus was formed in 1998 with the mission of

  • providing application software solutions to small to midsize businesses,
  • enabling them to manage their strategic customer information and
  • empowering them to improve the processes that handle their relationships with customers, driving increased productivity.
We are now a leader in providing CRM solutions in the small to medium-size enterprise (SME) segment, but our focus remains much the same.

Our company evolved from the development efforts of a dedicated team looking for ways to make their distribution company run more efficiently. In the early nineties burgeoning technologies, like networking, communication and collaboration, offered great promise to provide customers with a better product, a better buying experience, and help them achieve dramatic cost savings. The team had built the essential components of a CRM suite, applied it to their distribution business and then put it to the test with their salespeople. Efficiency and effectiveness increased; sales went up, and costs went down.

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