AMETEK Solidstate Controls Streamlines Service with MODE


AMETEK Solidstate Controls logo Ametek Solidstate Controls (Solidstate), based in Columbus, Ohio, provides solutions to ensure a continuity of electrical power to keep some of the world’s leading industrial enterprises and power generating plants running. From petrochemical to pulp and paper, pharmaceutical to general manufacturing and OEM, many different industries rely on Solidstate solutions to keep their businesses operational.

Solidstate’s success in a range of industries underlines the breadth of applications for its products, and as a trusted name in these markets, customers have grown to expect Solidstate to provide excellent customer service to meet their specific needs. With over 35,000 products installed throughout the world, Solidstate demanded a CRM solution that could keep up with its ever-expanding business and busy service team.

Like many companies, Solidstate had been using an internally-built database to handle service records and other important customer information. The database had some limitations and was not accessible offline. Over time this resulted in multiple database records being kept on a variety of different workstations. There were concerns about the currency of customer information, duplicated data entries, and difficulties automating processes, such as reporting and quoting. The system also lacked offline functionality, which made working on-the-go a challenge.

Solidstate needed a solution that would accommodate for automated processes like quoting and service tracking, a unified database that would eliminate duplicate records, and a system that could be used offline. After carefully evaluating their options, Solidstate chose Ardexus MODE.

Working with Solidstate, Ardexus implemented MODE with custom modules to meet Solidstate’s own particular requirements, and brought the Solidstate service team up-to-speed on their new CRM investment with end-user training.

Ardexus MODE helped the Solidstate service department automate quoting, reporting and service tracking processes that were once time sinks, and eliminated multiple data entry points to ensure accurate and reliable customer information records. Service tickets could now be tracked and logged along with a customer’s complete history. Solidstate service personnel could now use digital signature capture at the client’s site to instantly kick off the billing workflow. Native offline functionality in MODE helped Solidstate’s mobile service team stay informed and productive. Ardexus provided a complete CRM solution that would be flexible enough to accommodate Solidstate as it continues to look for ways to improve its business.

Ardexus has helped our service department become more efficient and productive by automating tasks that used to be time consuming and manual. We have been able to make many processes more ‘paperless’ than in the past,” said Jason Cotton, Director of Client Services at Solidstate, “Our service business is very complex and stretches around the globe, and Ardexus has been able to customize the product to our needs in many ways.

Ardexus MODE brought the entire AMETEK Solidstate group together, with all customer information and service records stored in a common, offline-functional application. Ardexus MODE implementation, customization and training have ushered in a number of positive changes that has brought increased efficiency to Solidstate’s growing service business.

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